We would like to thank everyone who attended our live Acumatica event on October 12th, 2016. It was great to see both new and old clients and share our passion for Acumatica ERP. Also, thank you Acumatica for sending Roman Ozerskiy, AIM Solution’s Partner Account Manager. Roman gave a wonderful presentation and insight into Acumatica as a company.

Audrey Idom, our VP of Sales provided an energetic demo of Acumatica’s Accounting and CRM Suites. While demonstrating Acumatica, our attendees’ learned how Acumatica will change the way they run their business with innovative features.

Five Things Our Attendee’s Loved:

Hosting in the Cloud: Companies no longer need to worry about a disaster recovery plan or protecting again fraud when hosting in the cloud. Data service centers are far less expensive and more secure than relying on an internal server and IT staff. With Acumatica, you can retrieve your data at any time and will never lose more than 15 minutes of data. Also, with the ability to access your ERP from any web browser, or from the Acumatica App creates endless flexibility.

Attributes: As a unique feature of Acumatica, attributes allows companies to track any type of data desired without complicated customizations. Easily create the attribute you wish to track, and start tracking said information within minutes. Attributes are great for marketing campaigns, tracking client preferences, and analyzing your client base.

Document Management: As a costly add-on document management does not come with mid-market ERP solutions like Sage 300 or Dynamics SL. Document management is built into Acumatica and allows you to attach files of any type to any screen, or line item.

Unlimited Users: Create more meaningful data with unlimited users. With more employees tracking vital information like customer interactions, project management, and inventory; management will be able to make more informed decisions and projections.

Field Level Security: Easy to define user access, choice who can view, edit, and delete on every screen, and field within Acumatica. The ability to easily define user roles and groups gives management piece of mind and confidence in allowing more employees in the system.


Thank you for attending!

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