Recently AIM Solutions has moved another customer, BLG Deli, from Solomon over to Acumatica ERP! This came at a perfect time, as Acumatica hit the road to visit some of the customers that have made the switch. At AIM Solutions, we are always making sure we put our customers first, and make sure we are putting the right solution in place to meet their business demands. Acumatica has been that solution for us, and we continue to discuss with our clients, existing and new, the benefits of moving to Acumatica ERP. Give us a call, we would love to discuss what Acumatica can do for your business!

Pictured from left to right, Christian Lindberg VP Partners and Solutions at Acumatica and Bob Graven, owner of BLG Deli during the Acumatica Road Tour.

BLG Deli Visit

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